Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

Boots for sale 

“It's not fair you buy me and then you put me in a wardrobe for the rest of the year.” I feel all damp and dirty in a box I want to scream. I wish I could could go to the repair shop because I have thousands of holes in my leathery surface. I'm all grey and droopy and the tremendous smell inside is probably deathly.

“She has probably forgotten about me.”I'm abandoned in a box I'm most likely to grow mould on me in a couple of weeks. “What if the box starts rotting and she opens her wardrobe and sees the box. She will probably scream it will be so worth it. I can hear footsteps wait she's talking to her mum. “I will clean my wardrobe today I promise” she said. “

 Yes yes yes she will see me, I really hope she cleans me but what if she throws me in the bin that would not be good.
My owner sees me oh my goodness what is she going to do?
“ Oh here's my leather boots I'm gonna take them to the second hand store because I don't like them any more.
But first I'm going to clean them because they reek.”

Finally we are here.
Oh my, I feel so nice but there is still some dirt on me I'm going to call it a beauty mark though.
 She walks to the counter and gets me out of the bag. Then she puts me on the grubby counter I was kind of scared that I was going to get dirty again but I just sat still. The lady at counter grunted and threw me in the air at bolting speed I was about to puke. 

I landed in a pile of other grubby shoes I was not happy. My owner skipped out of the shop with a smile on her probably because she doesn't have to worry about me anymore. I started sinking to the bottom of the pile of shoes. I couldn't breath I was choking no one ever saw me again….

The language features I have used in my writing are…
Interesting words
The smell is probably deathly
Damp and dirty
A thing I want to work on…
I want to work on using punctuation because I need to put my talking marks in the right spot.

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