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Week 2 Science 
Today during science we had a game of tug of war with the our class. We tried different strategies to see what side would have more force and what side would have less. We did girls vs boys year 5 vs year 6 and many others. I found out that tug of war uses measuring and weight to make a even amount. I wonder what would happen if we did a mom vs dad tug of war so we could find out what side would have the most strength.

Week 3 Science 
Today during science we made catapults and balloon rockets we split the class in half so we wouldn't have as many people doing the same thing. I first did the balloon rockets and then I made a catapult. I found out that both of the activities we did need force and air to operate.
I wonder what would happen if the string for the balloon rocket was squiggly if the balloon would still go up. I also wonder how far a real catapult would shoot.

Week 4 science 
Today during science we learned about leaves.
We drawed a leaf out of ink we did leaf rubbings and we took photos of a tree every day to see the differences the tree made.
I found out that leaves need a sugar called glucose to keep the tree healthy so it won't die. I wonder how deciduous trees survive strong winds.

Week 5 science 
Today during science we did a rotation of activities. The activities we did were basket ball bounce,ping pong ramp and a chair pulley. The one I found the most out about was the chair pulley. I found out that when you use pressure to push down the basketball it bounced really high. I also found out that the chair pulley needed to have a even amount of weight on each side so that the basket would move because if it was not even the basket would stay in the middle. The thing I found out about the ping pong ramp was that the steeper the ramp was the faster the ball would go and the faster the ball goes the most likely it is for the ball to fall off the ramp. I wonder how high the basketball would bounce if I put heaps of force on it. I also wonder what would happen if the rope for the pulley was going up instead of across. The thing I wonder about the ping pong ramp is if the ramp is wider and the ball goes fast if the ball will fall of.

Week 6 science 
Today during science we shot cotton balls with rubber bands on them. We had a sheet to write how many rubber bands were on the cotton ball and how the distance the cotton ball goes. I found out that when you have three or maybe two rubber bands on a cotton ball it will go further. I wonder how far six cotton balls and one rubber band around them would go.

Week 7 science 
Today during science we had a choice out of a mini golf course or a pulley I chose to do a mini golf course. I found out that if you use too much force pushing the ball the ball will not go the way you want it to go but if you use too little force the ball won't go very far. I wonder how many hits it would take if I took the obstacles out.

Week 8 Science 
What is force?
Force is something that is a push or pull.
 Like when you pull back the spoon to shoot the cotton ball you are pulling the spoon back. And when you push a basket you are pushing the basket forward with your force in your arms. Acceleration for example is when you are on a swing because the swing has a motion to move the chains when you sit down. If we had no gravity we would be floating when we sit down on a chair but because we have gravity we stay on the floor. When you jump up gravity pulls you down with its force.

What do you need to make a catapult?
You need a spoon, popsicle sticks, rubber bands and something to shoot with like a cotton ball.

 First you have to get the popsicle sticks and stack up nine of them. 

Then you get one popsicle stick and slide it through the popsicle stick at the bottom of the stack.

 Next tie to rubber bands on either side of the stack of popsicle sticks. 

Next you get the spoon and place it on a angle so the bottom of it is touching the popsicle stick and the stick part is leaning on top of the stack of popsicle sticks.

 Last of all tie a rubber band over the bottom of the spoon and the popsicle stick. And now you have a catapult!!

The measurements I made were with a metre ruler. I used my catapult I made a cotton ball and a ruler. I gathered a lot of data including how far the cotton ball shot. Each time I was going to shoot the cotton ball I added a rubber band. On the last shot I ended up with ten rubber bands on my cotton ball. The rubber bands changed the distances into a pattern. When I had about one of two rubber bands on my cotton ball it didn't go very far. But when I had about five six of seven rubber bands on my cotton ball it shot quite far. I learnt about the differences the rubber bands made and that the more rubber bands are on the cotton ball the heavier it ball is. And the heavier the ball is the further it shoots.

I think that I can use this new learning by making a miniature playground showing an example of force, acceleration, push and pull and gravity.

My wonderings…
I wonder if anyone would make my catapult design in one of their science lessons.

Week 9 & 10 science 
Mini playground model

Climbing wall:
Cut out an oblong shape out of cardboard.
Paint your oblong shape grey.
Get a black marker and shade the corners so it looks more used.
Make shapes out of hot glue and let them dry.
Paint the hot glue shapes.
Glue your small shapes to your oblong shape.
The glue shapes are the climbing handles and the oblong shape is a rectangle.

Get three popsicle sticks stand two of them upwards and then put one across.
Glue the tree popsicle sticks together at the ends.
Get some string and loop it around the popsicle stick at the top.
Cut a popsicle stick into a tiny piece and then hot glue the string onto the piece of popsicle stick for the seat.

Balance beam
Stick six popsicle sticks on top of each other.
And then make two boxes of cardboard with paper over top.
Then stick the stack of popsicle sticks onto the two boxes.

Flying fox
Cover two tiny boxes in paper these are the platforms.
Glue one popsicle stick facing upwards on both of the tiny boxes
Get two of the popsicle sticks and stick them together going across.
Get a skewer and cut it into three halves the stick the together to make a square but with only three sides.

Cut out a squiggly shape out of cardboard.
Cut out two more exactly the same.
Glue them together one on the bottom and the others on the side.
Make a platform out of cardboard by making a box. Then cover it in paper and connect the slide to the box.

Make a circle with cardboard and then cut it out.
Cut out the middle of the circle so it is a circle without a middle.
Then blow up a balloon just a little bit so it fits in the middle of the circle.
Make a box out of cardboard to go around the balloon so it is protected.

Climbing ramp
Cut out a rectangular shape out of cardboard.
Then make a platform out of cardboard to connect the rectangle to.
Make sides for the platform to make it look like a little play house.
Get a skewer to go across the sides so that it is over top of the rectangle.
Get a piece of string and hot glue one end to the rectangle and then glue  the other end to the skewer.
Get the hot glue gun and make little bumps on the string so it looks like the things that help you climb up.

For science I am making a mini playground model I am making it with Pippa. Things that are working well are the slide and the climbing wall. Struggles for me are hot gluing the structures onto the ground/cardboard. I am working very well with Pippa because we are focused on what we are doing and we are not fighting on what idea is better. Improvements we have made are making the swings the same size and and re measuring the string for the swing and I am also going to try hot glue the climbing wall and the slide together so they stand up.
Now I am going to start making the see saw. And Pippa is going to try fix the climbing wall so it stands up.

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