Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Arts blog

Arts blog!
Week 1
Aghh we can finally sit down and rest. Our group had been walking in the hot sun for ages. Wait I need to tell you guys what I am even talking about. Well our class was on a trip for our arts term. We had been walking through the city looking at all the art. Our legs were so sore but luckily there were these giant fake grass seats that we could rest on. The people in my group were Romae,Enzo,Oliver S and me.The seats were very prickly there was one couch in the middle and two arm chairs beside it on each side. We all sat down on a seat and then we decided to take a photo so we all jumped onto the couch and put on our best poses. The photo was so funny we even had a photo of us just talking to each other and two people were just sitting on top of the couch explaining to me and Romae what they do at home when that watch TV. The photos were so funny but sadly the adult who was with us leading our group said we had to hit the footpath and start walking to the Margaret Mahy playground. Sadly I can't tell you my really fun experience at the playground but if you want to check someone else's experience just go onto their blog.

Week 2
Today for our art’s term we got put into groups and you did different kind’s of art related things. There was drama,music and dance.The group I was in for this week was the drama group with Danielle our teacher. First we had to do a warm up so Danielle told us to stand up and then she shouted out a word and we had to act it out. It was really funny when she shouted out bird because some people in our group got a chair and lied on it and then sung “I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky”. It was hilarious she then got us to sit back down and then we had to do a play and we had to change the ending to it. We did little red riding hood and I'm sorry but I can't remember what we changed our ending to but if you want to know someone else's just go onto their blog.

Week 3
     Today for our arts term we changed what art related thing we were doing. Last week I was in the drama group with Danielle our teacher and this week I am in the dance group with Kiri our other teacher. First we did a warm up where we had to act out what she said so when she said lawn mower we all pretended to mow the lawn in a dancing way. We swayed from side to side while mowing the lawn. After we finished our warm up we put some music on and danced around to the music but the music changed and when the music changed you felt different movements like when it was a calming song I would sway side to side very slowly and when it was a fast song I would move very fast doing all kinds of moves.
Overall it was very fun it kept me very entertained.

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