Wednesday, 25 October 2017

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Week 5
We have been capturing a moment in time by taking selfies/photos we also made a mind map with the whole class. Our teacher told us to go outside and go and take photos with anyone to capture a moment in time. She also told us some tips on how to get a good shot some of the things she told us we need to have good lighting hold the camera still and don't just go crazy and just press the camera button and go snap snap snap. Our friend group went out and went took lots of photos. Also me and my friend Megan took a selfie with the tree and the picture turned out so cute. But then we had to come inside and share some of the photos we took to the class. Also our teachers made a doc that we could add all our photos that we took. The doc was about capturing a moment in time. Some people even added photos that they took at home. You can see some of the photos our class took by tapping this link.
Selfie with the tree pic

Week 6
This year for my calendar art I had three choices of different designs to choose from there was a mosaic art one a silhouette one and a tapa cloth design. At first I chose the tapa cloth design but it turned out really bad and it was really hard to get all the squares the same size. So instead I chose the mosaic art one and I was inspired by my friend Sophie and I did something like her but I didn't copy her completely because then that would be mean and she would feel sad so I didn't do it. What I did is I made two trees and covered them in ripped up paper and I also made a sun. I came up with this really good idea and decided to print out a silhouette of a bird and I placed it on the paper so it was flying towards the sun. 

Week 7
For the last couple of weeks some people in our class have been popping out of class to go and be a fly on the wall in a different area. A fly on the wall means that you're somewhere and you can hear everything and see everything that is going on around you but everyone can't see you. I went to be a fly on the wall in the office with Megan. We found out that the teachers and staff that are in the office talk about very boring things. But me and Megan heard Donna and Nichola talking about someone in a dinosaur onesie it was very weird but never mind that. There is a tv in the office that shows a slideshow of lots of pictures our school has taken and special events. On some photos people were working in groups and helping each other out. There were even some behind the scenes photos of big events that were going to happen later on in the day. After fifteen minutes Megan and I had to leave the office and head back to class.

Week 10

My speech!
My speech is about my trip to the barrier reef in Cairns Australia. Find out about my adventure by scrolling down.

Childhood Memories Speech!
Here we are me and my family on this giant boat heading to Green island in Cairns. We went up onto the top level of the boat and just when we sat down the boat took off like lightning. The crisp wind brushed against my hair as we zoomed through the waves. 

All we could see LITERALLY was miles and miles of water until the island appeared on the horizon. We disembarked the boat onto a massive big jetty leading to land. Once we got further into the centre of the island it all opened up into hidden oasis of shops and cafes. We headed into one of the little shops and got all our snorkelling gear. 

We then headed to the beach where we donned our gear and hit the water! Well everyone else did, I was scared! Dad tried to help me but I wasn't having a bar of it, then I saw  everyone else having so much fun that I thought what's the worse that could happen, drown?  I won’t drown I'm a good swimmer... kind of. So off I went into the deep blue sea, disaster struck! a giant fish swam past me and I got such a fright. 

Once I got my breath back I was fine I knew 
these fish didn't want to eat me well at least these ones didn't. So I started floating further out as I swam past all kinds of fish and coral including fish that looked like nemo and dory. Just as I was admiring a beautiful angel fish I heard my brother yelling out “ guys come over here I found a giant turtle with a little baby one following it”. So we all went to see the turtle’s. 

I couldn't even believe how big the adult one was it was just a little bit bigger than a bike wheel. I held my breath and dived under the water to touch it the texture was very different to anything I've touched before. I swam back up to catch my breath so I wouldn't drown. And then we started heading back to the island. We climbed aboard the boat and this time the waves were very idyllic. We finally got back to cairns and jumped into the car to head home to the hotel to have dinner. And that was my trip to the barrier reef in cairns Australia.

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