Monday, 13 November 2017

Hide and seek writing

Hide and Seek
Left behind
“17 18 19 20 here I come Pheobe,” my brother said.
I was hiding under my bed because my mattress was out in the spare room so I could fit easily under there.
I wriggled myself under the bed, stretched out as far as a hair tie. I grabbed my covers and pulled them as far down to the ground as I could.
I heard my brother’s footsteps my heart was pounding. He was walking to his room. I heard him slump himself onto his bed and he just sat there…..and sat there….. when is he going to come and find me.
“I thought we were playing hide and seek, guess not,” I said to myself. I just sat there in despair and then finally
I climbed out from under my bed and walked to his room and said to him “I thought we were playing hide and seek but you just walked to your room and sat on your bed”.
“Pfft you actually thought I was playing hide and seek” my brother said.
“Well yeah” I said back angrily.
“Haha” my brother said.
I ran back to my room and jumped on my bed and rolled myself up into a ball.
I started rolling around on my bed but then I eventually fell off and that was how most of my hide and seek games ended when I played games with my brother.

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